Bonsai Meeting for Tuesday, August 8th, 2017



         Program: “ Pyracantha and the Baobab”

                                                  Presented by Victor Squicimari


Victor is going to bring two of his trees. The pyracantha is already in a bonsai pot and the other, the baobab is a pre-bonsai.  We’re all familiar with the pyracantha, or more commonly known as the Firethorn bush. Is it a friend or foe? The good news is that its leaves are dark green and are semi-evergreen. In spring it has creamy flowers and the berries in the autumn are a bright red-orange that the birds love during the winter. The bad news is that it has thorns from hell. Many people prune it into an espalier shape. Wear gloves!!!

The other species, the Baobab, is not well known but you would recognize it if you have seen programs about the African savannah. It is a prehistoric tree and known in Africa as the “Tree of Life”.  It has been revered for centuries for its nutritional and well-being qualities.

It grows to 75 feet and stores water in its very trunk. The foliage at maturity is about 45 feet wide and appears at the top of the tree. It’s also known as the “pharmacist’s” tree because of its health benefits. But would it make a good bonsai? Victor is going to find out! He’s had it from a seed for about five years and it said it is quite tall.


***Letter from the President*** 

Hello everybody!


I hope everyone’s trees are doing well, even though many of us probably would admit that this isn’t there best looking time of year. The temperatures and the humidity have been awful but hopefully the fever has broken for a while. We got some great, much-needed rain this week and a nice drop in the temperature.

I hope you have a great meeting and will miss seeing everyone this month!




T.J. will provide our refreshments. Thank you!


Show and Tell: Our trees really don’t look too bad this summer. So bring one to show!


Raffle Table:  Anything you may have to donate to our raffle is appreciated.


Following are the minutes from the July 11th meeting




      Meeting called to order 7:05 PM by Trent Strum



Welcome visitor(s): Anthony Nibs

Welcome new member(s):  None

Old business:  Trent reminded members that he would like donations of information about past club meetings or events for the digital record he is compiling.

New business:  We’ve been told that we can earn credit hours towards our room rental fees by volunteering to take cuttings or saplings and planting them in the garden’s greenhouse. We will need to find out from the greenhouse staff if a watering and misting system is available to ensure success with the cuttings and seedlings.

Announcements:  Victor announced we had 6,810 hits on our website.

Minutes from previous meeting:  Motion was made by David and seconded by Norval to accept the minutes of June’s meeting and it was approved by the membership.

Treasurer’s report:  Gil reported a current balance of $576.20. Motion was made by David and seconded by Victor to accept the financial report and was approved by membership.

Show and Tell:  Norval brought a young Chinese pistache and a weeping Chinese elm for us to see. He was also kind to donate a couple of the Chinese elms for our raffle table. Victor showed a tall Narrow leaf ficus and talked about his plans to improve it’s shape by pruning. Keith brought a clump dwarf Mondo grass that will make a nice accent plant. He was also so proud to show a pot full of Kingsville boxwood cuttings that were taken last October and they had successfully rooted.


Program:  David, Victor, and Keith sat as a panel answer questions by members. When a member asked a question each of the panelists gave their advice based on their growing conditions and their experience.

Raffle:  $18.00 was raised thanks to the contributors.

Adjourned:  8:55 p.m.

Respectively:  Keith Warren; sitting in for Arlene, our secretary.