Bonsai Meeting for Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 2017



Program: The Top Ten Mistakes in Bonsai and How to Fix Them

Presented by Victor Squicimari

I could easily make a list within a couple of minutes of the mistakes I have made over the years with my bonsai trees but to narrow down my mistakes to just the top ten would take some serious thought. So it will be interesting to hear if my top ten hard learned lessons will coincide with those of VictorÕs.  IÕm sure many of them will because they are so common with bonsai hobbyists.  A message for beginners: Take heed and learn from the mistakes of other members and save yourself from some disappointments!  IÕm serious when I use the expression ŌBeen there, done that.Ķ VictorÕs program is very appropriate for this month because many of the mistakes can be avoided or corrected during this upcoming repotting and rooting season.


á      Remember: We are still meeting at the Will Rogers Senior Activity Center.

á      Have you paid your dues?  $30 per person or $35 for a couple


Since I have space to spare IÕd like to remind everyone to take a few minutes this weekend and look at your trees whether they are sunk in the ground, in a cold frame, or in your garage. We have all experienced the buds our deciduous tree start to swell before we expect them to do so.  If any of them need root pruning this year be ready to do so at any time before the buds break into leaf!

Our president, Trent, is going to add a monthly message to us in future newsletters this year to remind us of seasonably appropriate concerns about bonsai care and/or concerns we need to think about before the next meeting. Good idea, Trent!  


Darin Arnold will be providing refreshments for us. Thank you Darin!

(and it so nice to see you again with us)

Yes, our meeting is on ValentineÕs Day but we hope to see most of you.


Show and Tell: Leafless deciduous trees show off their beauty of design. Do you                                   have any you would like to show us?

Raffle Table:  Anything related to bonsai or plants is appreciated for donation.


Following are the minutes from the JanuaryÕs meeting



      Minutes from the January 10th Meeting     

      Meeting called to order 7:00 PM by Victor Strum

Welcome visitor(s): none

Welcome new member(s):  none

Old business:  No update yet if room rental fees will increase. Dues are due this month. The Christmas party was fun and Victor posted pictures of it on our website.

New business:  We have a permit for our meetings until April 2018. Trent will soon send our check iao $80 to pay those first four months of next year. A check iao $160 has been paid for the last 8 months of this year. Victor plans to put out an updated directory. The Cleveland County Master GardenerÕs group wants a bonsai speaker for their AprilÕs meeting and Keith volunteered. Keith also volunteered to be the needed third director of our club along with Dale and Victor. There was a lengthy discussion about whether or not we can have a formal workshop somewhere or if we could have an informal workshop at someoneÕs home. Both Trent and Arlene volunteered to host an informal workshop at their homes.                                                                                                 Kenton Peters from the Garden Center asked us to do two public classes this year. Each only needs to be up to 2 hours long but we would receive 16 hours in credit toward our room rentals. That would pay for our meetings for 8 months in 2018!!! Arlene has already volunteered to do one of the classes but we need 2 instructors per class. Scheduling of the two classes are pending but April 8th is possible from 9 – 12 noon.

Announcements:  A man from the Bonsai Place in Van Buren, AR is asking help from anyone in regards to caring for his elms. 

Minutes from previous meeting:  Motion was made by Victor to accept the minutes as published in the JanuaryÕs newsletter. Bob seconded.  Motion was approved.

TreasurerÕs report:  Gil reported a balance of $1,154.54. Motion was made by Victor to approve the report and was seconded by T.J.  Motion was approved by membership.

Show and Tell: Alex showed a sago palm. Keith showed a dwarf bougainvilla and talked more about supplemental lighting options. Arlene brought a rock holly, a juniper and a Norfolk group planting. Trent brought a juniper and discussed his hope to air layer it.  

Program: Alex provided a detailed discussion of various components used for bonsai soils and from where they can be purchased.

Raffle:  We raised $34 from donated items. Thank you donors!

Adjourned:  9:00 p.m.

Respectively:  Arlene Scaroni, Recording Secretary