Bonsai Meeting for Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

ŌLetÕs talk about FertilizerĶ      

presented by Keith Warren


I have forty years of experience fertilizing ornamental plants, both tender and hardy, vegetable plants, container grown plants, bonsai trees and orchids. IÕm not an expert but I am very experienced. However, to be honest, I can probably sum up and share my total knowledge of fertilizing within thirty minutes. Most of us gardeners have gone through the experience of either over or under fertilizing. The trick to applying the right amount of fertilizer depends on the needs of the species and the environment in which it is grown. IÕm going to talk a little about the mechanics of fertilizer and then focus on what I know about fertilizing our bonsai. If anyone has additional information or has an opposing opinion, I welcome your input. A day doesnÕt go by that I donÕt learn something new. 


***Letter from the President***

Hello everybody!

I hope you and your trees are well after the ugly storms last weekend. From the responses I received via email, it sounds like everyone is ok and no major damage. As we enter storm season, itÕs important to remember to weather alert and prepared. This month we have worked on acquiring and reserving space at the Garden Center for a storage cabinet.  I am pleased to announce that we were successful on both fronts and will now begin transitioning to the new cabinet. I want to thank everyone who helped with that! I am excited about KeithÕs program regarding fertilizing. It is very appropriate to the season and will help us all have a successful growing season this year.


Happy bonsaiÕing everyone!


Barbara Loose bring refreshments. Thank you, Barbara!


Show and Tell: We really love seeing your trees and hearing how long youÕve had them, what your plans are for them, or sharing what youÕve learned about that species.


Raffle Table:  Anything you may have to donate to our raffle is appreciated.


Following are the minutes from the April meeting




      Minutes from the April 11th Meeting

      Meeting called to order 7:05 PM by Trent Strum


Welcome visitor(s): Laurel Manovsky, Brad Secraw, Johnathan Jackson, and Mario (TrentÕs Father-n-Law)

Welcome new member(s):  None

Old business:  It was mentioned how well the workshop went for those who attended.

New business:  A motion was made to hold our 2018 annual show on June 1st and 2nd and also looking into getting a speaker for the event. Trent asked members for any memorabilia in order to document the clubÕs history and Victor reported we had 6,304 hits on our website during the past month.

Announcements:  It was mentioned that MarcumÕs Nursery had trees for sale that are appropriate for bonsai.

Minutes from previous meeting:  Motion was made to accept the minutes of MarchÕs meeting and was approved by the membership.

TreasurerÕs report:  Gil reported a current balance of $1,268.02. Approved by membership.

Show and Tell:  Norval showed his young dwarf myrtle. Returning visitor, Brad, showed us his juniper procumbens nana that heÕs had for three years and just recently root pruned at our workshop. Keith also showed an informal upright juniper that he root pruned and top trimmed for the first time at the workshop as did Cleoh with his upright juniper but Cleoh only trimmed its beginning design and decided to root prune it next spring. David brought a nice looking trident maple that heÕs had for several years. Bob brought his winged bark elm that heÕs had for some time also. Victor showed us his Slow Mound mugo pine and his very small leafed Hokkaido elm. Arlene brought her Buddha palm, an elm, a blue juniper, a spirea, and a Catalpa.   

Program:  Alex demonstrated how to graph seedlings to a tree of the same species in order to grow additional roots for a tree that lacks nice nabari roots.

Raffle:  We raised $35.00 from donated items. Thank you!

Adjourned:  8:55 p.m.

Respectively:  Arlene Scaroni; secretary