Bonsai Meeting for Tuesday, September 12th, 2017



Program: ÒWiring of Bonsai TreesÓ

                                                  Presented by Arlene Scaroni


Arlene will share her knowledge and experience with wiring of bonsai limbs. Knowing her to have diagrams/props/handouts, not to mention a possible demonstration, IÕm sure she will add to our knowledge of the technique of wiring to improve a bonsai treeÕs final shape. We have always had Dale do his traditional program and demonstration about wiring and itÕs always informative. But itÕs always interesting to have another member talk to us about this procedure in order to give us their perspective and opinions based on their experience.

Personally I dislike wiring a bonsai because it is very tedious but alas, I get it done when needed. Although top trimming is the easiest and quickest way to define the shape of our trees, wiring branches is the only way to bring out the very best shape for the tree.


***Letter from the President*** 

Hello everybody!


My trees are loving this weather and they have all been pushing new growth this fall. Speaking of fall, itÕs here! Time to get ready for a small push and then preparing for winter. I missed everyone last month. I heard it was a fun meeting. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.

I know this is last minute, but for the members of the 2018 Show Planning Committee,

I would like to have a meeting this month. WeÕll meet for 30 minutes prior to our meeting.


Happy bonsaiÕing!



Dale and Kay will provide our refreshments. Thank you!


Show and Tell: Our trees have had a good growing season this year and are beginning to show autumn growth. So bring one to show us!


Raffle Table:  Anything you may have to donate to our raffle is appreciated.


Following are the minutes from the August 8th meeting







      Meeting called to order 7:05 PM by Alex Barr



Welcome visitor(s): none

Welcome new member(s):  None

Old business:  We discussed the cutting project offered to us by the Garden Center. We agreed that we are not prepared at this time nor is it the correct time of year to start a cuttings project but will probably discuss this project again the upcoming winter months.

New business:  There will be a 2018 Show Committee meeting to be held 30 minutes prior to SeptemberÕs meeting.

Announcements:  Victor announced we had 6,147 hits on our website last month.

Minutes from previous meeting:  Motion was made by T.J. and seconded by Dale to accept the minutes of AugustÕs meeting and it was approved by the membership.

TreasurerÕs report:  Gil reported a current balance of $582.20. Motion was made by David and seconded by Norval to accept the financial report and was approved by membership.

Show and Tell: Arlene showed us her two-year-old mimosa seedlings and Norval showed a couple of his three-year-old Elephant miniature jades. Keith brought a juniper that he had top pruned and wired the same day as the meeting. Victor showed a large bougainvillea and David showed us one of his beautifully trained black pines.


Program:  Victor brought a pyracantha and a Baobab and talked about the two species.

Raffle:  $12.00 was raised thanks to the contributors.

Adjourned:  8:55 p.m.

Respectively:  Arlene Scaroni, Secretary.