Bonsai Meeting for Tuesday, March 13th, 2017



                   Program: Phoenix Bonsai

                                                Presented by Victor Squicimari


Sometimes, no matter how much we learn, mother nature changes our most precious bonsai into her design. Like the Phoenix bird of ancient Greek mythology, a new bonsai emerges from the ashes with a new design. Reminding us that she is still in control.



Letter from the President:

Hello everyone!

Spring is upon us. I know many of us are seeing buds swelling and leaves emerging! As exciting as that is, there is still the threat of freezing so donÕt get carried away with Spring just yet. But nonetheless, this is the time when we must begin repotting (my favorite time of year!) so make sure to take extra care of any repotted trees. I would also like to recommend that this is the time to collect yamadori, so go for it and collect some wild trees!

Happy bonsaiÕing!



Bob Curtis will be providing refreshments this month. Thank you, Bob!



2018 Dues are now past due if you have not paid them yet.



Our Shimpaku juniper workshop is this Saturday from 9–12 noon. Cost is $55.00. 


Show and Tell: It seems obvious that the deciduous trees we bring to work on be brought as our show and tell trees also. But If you donÕt have a deciduous tree you may, of course, bring something else to show off.


Raffle Table:  Anything you may have to donate to our raffle is appreciated.


Following are the minutes from the February 13th meeting






      Meeting called to order 7:05 PM by Trent Strum


Welcome visitor(s): None this month.

Welcome new member(s):  None  

Old Business: Trent reminded us that he and David will provide the public workshop on March 10th.  Kenton Peters purchased ten 3-gallon Shimpaku junipers for the workshop and will do the advertising. Workshop hours are from 9-12 noon. Cost is $55.00.

New Business:  It was also reported that Kenton said the Gardens has enough tropical tree species to be provided by our second public workshop sometime in May. Keith and Arlene volunteered to conduct that workshop. These two workshops we will provide 8 hours each for us to use toward room rental fees for the 2019 fiscal year. Keith expressed his concern whether or not we had a copy of an addendum to our signed Garden Club agreement with the city that shows the dates of our meetings and our annual shows until June 30, 2020. Trent said he will check on it for us and report back to us.

Announcements: Victor reported we had 4,078 hits last month on our website.

Minutes from previous meeting:  Motion was made by Victor to accept the minutes of JanuaryÕs meeting; seconded by David and it was approved by the membership.

TreasurerÕs report:  Gil reported a current balance of $850.67 as of 2/13/2018. Motion was made by Norval to accept the financial report; seconded by Keith; approved by membership.

Show and Tell:  Victor showed a good tool sharpener for bonsai tools that can be purchased at either Lowes or Home Depot. Norval showed us a semi-cascade juniper. Arlene brought a Deador Blue Cedar and Keith showed his Yatsabusa dwarf elm.

Program:  Hands on workshop ÒPruning of pre-break deciduous treesÓ by Trent Strum.

Raffle:  No items were offered for raffle but Norval gave away hardwood cuttings to plant.

Adjourned:  8:55 p.m.                   Respectfully:  Arlene Scaroni, Recording Secretary