Bonsai Meeting for Tuesday, May 8th, 2018



              Program:  Preparing for our Show


Our program this month will consist of two parts, 1) addressing preparation of the show itself and 2) preparation of our trees. So first, we will spend some time as a club going over the various logistical and stylistic preparations for our upcoming June show and then enjoy a panel discussion with a few of our experienced members talk to us about their various techniques and practices to prepare their trees for exhibition.


***Letter from the President***

Hello everyone!

I missed seeing everyone last month, as I was visiting family overseas. We did some hiking in a tropical rainforest, and it has changed my opinion of tropical bonsai a bit!!  I hope everyone is having a great spring and enjoying all the beautiful green on our trees! We will be doing some prep work for our upcoming show so I hope to see everyone there.

Happy bonsaiÕing! 



Cleoh and Joann will be providing refreshments this month. Thank you!


Notice: Will Rogers Garden Center has Volunteer Hours available.  They need people for garden planting.  You will need to contact Jim Wolly at 443-7090 to volunteer.


Show and Tell: Our trees, both deciduous and conifers, are all looking very good with their fresh spring growth. IÕm sure we all put effort into moving the location of our trees ahead of the recent past severe weather threat last Wednesday if they were not in a protected area. So it may be difficult to choose just a couple of our trees to show off.


Raffle Table:  Anything you may have to donate for our raffle is appreciated.



Following are the minutes from the April 10th meeting






      Meeting called to order 7:05 PM by David Waldo


Welcome visitor(s): Clint Grow and also Terry Sutherland, a past member from Clinton.

Welcome new member(s):  None  

Old Business: Bob and Arlene will conduct a public class or workshop during the Garden Festival on May 19th in order to earn eight volunteer hours to exchange for eight hours of our room rental fees. The plan is to use tropical species as the focus of the class.                Victor also mentioned that we can set up a Facebook page for our club.

New Business:  We discussed some plans for our annual show on June 2nd and 3rd. Keith said he will prepare the show tree tags and will send out the show tree list to everyone. Victor will make fliers of our show and distribute to members as well as advertise on our website. Bob volunteered to conduct the checking in of our trees on Friday, June 1st. Arlene volunteered to do a public lecture class during our show which will focus on the process of creating a bonsai tree. Keith passed around signup sheets for volunteers to work the reception desk or the show floor in servicing the visiting public during show hours.

Announcements: Victor reported we had 6,296 hits last month on our website.

Minutes from previous meeting:  Motion was made by Victor to accept the minutes of MarchÕs meeting; seconded by Bob and it was approved by the membership.

TreasurerÕs report:  Gil reported a current balance of $990.67 as of 4/10/2018 and all bills have been paid. Motion was made by Keith to accept the financial report; seconded by Cleoh and was approved by membership.

Show and Tell: Arlene showed a Japanese maple and both Chinese and Japanese elms. Norval had a Buford holly and a miniature Jade. Cleo showed two varieties of elm. Victor brought a flowering ŌLorinsĶ peach. Keith showed a pre-bonsai Shimpaku juniper and Japanese maple that were in 3-gallon containers. David brought a classic Japanese black pine bonsai and Bob showed his SharpÕs Pygmy Japanese maple heÕs had for several years.

Program:  Alex gave a well organized and informative program about Elm species.

Raffle:  No items were offered for raffle.

Adjourned:  8:55 p.m.                   Respectfully:  Arlene Scaroni