The ancient art of Bonsai was, according to the available records, developed in China, where Buddhist monks are said to have experimented on miniature plants, and also gathered the first small trees from nature on their walking journeys to the city.

From there in the 12th Century, it was introduced to Japan, along with the Buddhist religion. The Japanese turned the Art of Bonsai into what it is known and enjoyed today worldwide.

The word Bonsai literally means: Bon = Pot and

Sai = Tree, thus Tree in a Pot.

In the beggining, this incredible art was mostly experienced by scholars & wealthy people which used Bonsai to adorn their lavish homes.

Bonsai was introduced to the West in the 50's, 60's and on. The first Bonsai Show in the West took place in London, England

Today, there are Bonsai Clubs and Bonsai artists, all over the world.

One thing all Bonsai artists can tell you is:

Once you are bitten by the Bonsai bug, there's not turning back!

Come Try It..It is Very Interesting and Rewarding!